The Durutti Column + Jennifer Gentle

The Durutti Column

I’m just listening to ‘A Little Mercy’ by The Durutti Column which is, apparently, twenty years old…

Fuck me, time flies, doesn’t it? I remember buying this 12″ (‘Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say’) and listening to it time after time, entranced by the otherworldliness of it all. In 1985, this record stuck out like a sore thumb. It still does now.

Twenty years later and I’m posting about it on a worldwide TCP/IP network.

Hello, the future! 🙂

Jennifer Gentle

Just half an hour or so ago, I was listening to the Jennifer Gentle album. I guess it’s my night for floaty guitarness… Coincidentally, Jennifer Gentle are Italians, whereas Vini Reilly is from Manchester but named his band after an Italian anarchist.

Jennifer Gentle could be Vini’s kids. Their album has the same warmth and delicate melody as his music and isn’t afraid to wander away from pop’s more rigid forms. The first three songs, all unstable, catchy psychpop, set the stage for the middle triptych of floaty-dissonant-floaty.

‘The Garden (Part One)’ is particularly sunny and reminds me of trying to dig to China on Hemsby beach when I was seven. True, Jennifer Gentle do spin off into more dissonant and Barrattesque psych territory but there’s still the same pastoral idyll going on underneath the majority of this album, like a duck’s little flippers.

If you buy either The Durutti Column or Jennifer Gentle you’ll have to listen a bit longer than normal for pop. But you’ll be rewarded with music of rare grace and heart.

My god… ‘Silence’ has just come on. It’s beautiful.