Yesterday was my birthday. I got:

Birthday Cake!
Cake by Ele!

Iam Compilation
From my Mum.

Roxio Toast
From my Dad.

Ken Burns Jazz
From my sis.

Shaun of the Dead
From Paul.

Bewitched Elephant
From Matty.

Now Compilations
My big presssie from Ele, with loads of help from Matty.
This one takes a bit of explaining. My fave game to play when mates are round is Pop Quiz, basically name that tune with forgotten pop gems, via iTunes. The box above is loads of Now That’s What I Call Music comps, going back to Now 16 (1989). Lo, I shall be able to construct the most fiendish pop quizzes ever! Step up, Fresh 4 Featuring Lizz E! Mwahahaha!