Mobile Phones And You

Microwave Lens Damage

Microscope photographs of lenses incubated in organ culture conditions for 12 days. Right frame shows Control lens with no damage. Bottom frame demonstrates the effect of microwave radiation on bovine lens sutures for a total exposure of 192 cycles (1.1GHz, 2.22mW).Each cycle lasts 50min followed by 10 min pause. In the absence of microwave radiation, the bubbles are generated by temperature increase to 39.5 8C during 4 h; see left frame.

Although the researchers are cautious about interpreting the results of the experiment and its possible implications to public health, it seems that prolonged exposure to microwave radiation similar to that used by cellular phones can lead to both macroscopic and microscopic damage to the lens and that at least part of this damage seems to accumulate over time and does not seem to heal.
(Source: IsraCast)

More good news for you mobile-loving kids out there – YOU’RE FRYING YOUR EYES!

Not really. This study is properly scientifically reserved, unlike my alarmist ranting.

But it’s something to ponder, eh? The next time you’ve been on the phone to your mate for half an hour and your eye feels a bit funny, just think of it being microwaved, turning white like a boiled egg.

Mmmm…boiled eyes! Yummy!