New No2ID Pledge


Just got this email:


Since we have succeeded you may not get mails from me quite as often in future (though I will keep in contact until it is time to call in the pledge), but I did promise to let you know when the follow-up pledge was launched…

It is now online at

It reads:

“I will actively support those people who, on behalf of all of us, refuse to register for an ID card and I pledge to pay at least £20 into a fighting fund for them but only if 50,000 other people do the same.”

Please DO NOT sign this new pledge yourself. It is for those who are unable to take the step of refusal but nonetheless are against ID cards and want to help–those of your friends and family who are supporting you in your stand, for example. Please do encourage other people to support us this way, either by signing online or texting “resist” to 60022.

Finally, I should give special thanks to those who have signed the pledge since its success and who may not have heard from me before: thank-you. If the Bill passes then we will need all the refuseniks we can get, and the more people who pledge the stronger a signal it sends to the Government that it cannot win.

Yours sincerely,
Phil Booth