US Subverted Iraqi Elections

President George Bush authorised covert intervention in Iraq’s January elections by using behind-the-scenes operatives in an effort to engineer an Iraqi government allied to the US and not dominated by Shia parties, claims an article in The New Yorker today.

Seymour Hersh, the American investigative journalist, said the White House secretly tried to influence the elections by undertaking operations “off the books”. This was after the President had been frustrated in his support for a CIA operation to fund political candidates anywhere in the world who were seeking to spread democracy.
(Source: The Independent)

For “democracy” read “anyone who will do what the US wants.” And remember that Saddam Hussein was funded and supported by the US for many years while he was doing their bidding. He only became a problem when he stopped listening to his masters.

And now we have the glittering jewel of “Iraqi democracy,” as trumpeted by all the apologists for the US and UK’s illegal invasion of Iraq. It’s a shame that jewel turns out to be nothing more than a bit of tarnished glass, grubbied by the hands of US imperialism.

Seymour Hersh has been exposing US government corruption and murder for decades. If only there were more reporters like him and fewer of the Fox News apparatchiks.

Mr Allawi clearly had money to spend during the election and it was assumed, though without any proof in Iraq, that this ultimately came from the US.
(Source: The Independent)

I think someone needs to inform President Bush of the difference between plutocracy and democracy. He seems a mite confused.