Where Are The Tears For Iraq?

Tony Blair is not responsible for the more than 50 dead and 700 injured on Thursday. In all likelihood, “jihadists” are. But he is partly responsible for the 100,000 people who have been killed in Iraq. And even at this early stage there is a far clearer logic linking these two events than there ever was tying Saddam Hussein to either 9/11 or weapons of mass destruction.
(Source: The Guardian)

Since the horrific bombing of London last Thursday, there has been blanket coverage of the events. This is to be expected: we want to know who attacked us, which of us have been murdered by the terrorists and how we can help stop a similar future attack.

What has been sticking in my craw is the tremendous gushes of indignance and righteous posturing. Let’s be clear about this: we have become terrorist targets because we have illegally invaded and occupied Iraq. This attack was long-expected, by everyone in authority, as a consequence of our murders in Iraq.

I realise some pinheads will be reading this and becoming enraged, since pinheads (and Sith) deal only in absolutes. Like Dubya, Mr. Pinhead will be thinking, ‘You’re either with us or with the terrorists” and be readying a barely comprehensible email salvo at my ass.

Here’s how it actually is: I hate Al Quaeda for being murderers and I hate the US military for being murderers. I am on neither side of that false dichotomy. Why false? Well, both groups are lawless rampagers who bomb and murder civilians, all the while praising their “lord” and claiming that all deaths are justifiable. There is zero difference in philosophy between Bush and Bin Laden: they both worship a god who speaks directly to them and tells them it’s okay to murder innocents.

The only practical difference is that Al Quaeda haven’t killed as many as we have in Iraq. They’re beginners compared to the US and UK military, although they were trained by the US, of course.

At the moment, the death count in London is 52. The death count in Iraq is over 100,000, by the best scientific estimates we have. Those aren’t people killed by “insurgents,” those are innocent civilians killed by our bombs of “liberation.”

But those lives don’t count to our mass media. We don’t see endless reports detailing the private lives and grief-stricken relatives of those murdered dead. There aren’t millions of sentimental tribute sites springing up claiming solidarity with Fallujah.

Another night of TV news is starting, all dedicated to the 50+ Londoners who have died. When we kill Iraqis by the hundred in Fallujah, as we are doing now, it doesn’t even make the news at all. Sport is regarded as more important than their deaths.

Today, this happened:

Nine building workers have died in Iraq after being arrested on suspicion of insurgent activity and then left in a closed metal container.

Police commandos face numerous claims that they abuse and torture detainees.
(Source: BBC News)

But it was hidden away at the bottom of the BBC news site. It won’t be on the TV at all. Nine more lives lost to the “liberation” of Iraq. And most of us won’t even be presented with their deaths.

So, I have to come to this conclusion:

We just don’t care about anybody but us.

Only our lives count, our media ignores the slaughter we carry out so, for many people, those people never actually were killed by us.

After all, if it’s not on telly, it’s not real, is it? Why are all these lefties ranting on about Iraq when we’re being attacked!?

Just for once, I’d prefer someone to be honestly, openly racist. I’d like to hear someone in the government say, “Well, yes, we have butchered 100,000 Iraqi civilians but, after all, they aren’t human like us. They’re just animals. Only Westerners are true humans.”

This is what they think. This is what the media thinks. Is it what you think?

Here’s a simple test for you: were you outraged and horrified by the London terrorist attack as I was?


So, did you feel the same way as you watched the upbeat footage of our military bombing Iraq to oblivion? As you watched those thousands of people being blown to bits by our crowing, triumphalist US allies, spewing their bile about “shock and awe,” did you feel nauseous?

Or did you just watch and do nothing?

Architecture In Helsinki Gig

Architecture In Helsinki

I’ve been a fan of AIH since stumbling across their wonderful album, ‘Fingers Crossed,’ last year.

A month or so ago, I imported their new album, ‘In Case We Die,’ and it’s just as lovely and even poppier. I’d be immensely surprised if AIH didn’t cross-over, Go Team! style, into more mainstream circles now. The new album is sunny and fun, reminding me of the first Tom Tom Club album with its smiley grooves and singalong catchiness. It truly is a breath of fresh air in these days of manufactured emo angst and formulaic metal shouting about nowt.

Last night, I got to see AIH live!

They played at The Social in Notts and they were amazing. All the little twiddly bits from the album(s) were there. They did a shiveringly good version of ‘The Owls Go,’ one of the spookiest songs I’ve ever heard. That’s the great thing about AIH – they often sound shiny and shimmery but underneath, there are sometimes little crawly things cackling and clacking their pincers. ‘It’5’ came out like a gospel stompalong, as ridiculously catchy as any tune you’ve ever heard or will hear.

And what about ‘Do The Whirlwind?’ My god – what a slab of funky synthbass-powered pop that is! I never expected this track to sound so good live but it did. They’re talented buggers indeed to make such intricate music look so easy to perform live, effortlessly slipping from instrument to instrument and still HAVING FUN!

Support was from Plans And Apologies who complemented AIH perfectly in that they’re also fun, devilishly handsome and have actual pop songs rather than the ramblings of disgruntled teenage warthogs over some “experimental” backing.

You see, it’s fucking easy being “experimental.” All you have to do is make a noise and do something vaguely shocking, like have a stripper fellate a pig or something. But to actually connect with people emotionally, to write songs like AIH and Plans do that have multiple layers of meaning and mystery is a rare and beautiful thing.

When you find bands like these you must take them to your bosom and suckle them with your money, time and love. Start now, email them both and declare your love.

Click here to see the gig pics!