First Jedi MP?

Jamie Reed MP

Via Slashdot:

Mr. Jamie Reed (Copeland) (Lab): I crave the indulgence of the House in interrupting such an important and enjoyable debate to deliver my maiden speech. Furthermore, as the first Jedi Member of this place, I look forward to the protection under the law that will be provided to me by the Bill. I pay tribute to the hon. Member for Dewsbury (Mr. Malik) for his convincing and searing testimony in support of the proposed legislation. It will be a privilege to serve alongside him.
(Source: Hansard)

Eh? As part of Darth Blair’s evil empire, the regime that brought us the illegal invasion of Iraq and is now trying to force ID cards and car surveillance on us, I think this bloke is sadly confused.

He’s obviously a Sith:

Darth Reed MP



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