Nike Are Thieving Bastards

Minor ThreatMajor Threat

Have a look above. Can you spot any similarity between the two images? One is a famous album cover from one of the most influential bands in punk / hardcore / straight-edge. The other is a lame ripoff, as bereft of context or content as a Nike worker is of fair wages.

Dischord must have SOLD OUT TO THE MAN! Er, nope!

They must have asked permission. We spoke to a representative from Dischord Records, Minor Threat’s label, if Nike had asked to borrow these images. They said the following: “No, they stole it and we’re not happy about it. Nike is a giant corporation which is attempting to manipulate the alternative skate culture to create an even wider demand for their already ubiquitous brand. Nike represents just about the antithesis of what Dischord stands for and it makes me sick to my stomach to think they are using this explicit imagery to fool kids into thinking that the general ethos of this label, and Minor Threat in particular, can somehow be linked to Nike’s mission. It’s disgusting.”
(Source: Pitchfork)

Can you believe the shitheads didn’t even deign to contact Dischord? What the fuck?

This at the same time as multinationals like Nike are wanking on about copyright, fakes and theft of designs.

What would Nike do if Dischord started making trainers and bunging their swish logo all over them? They’d sue the arse off them. But of course, when a big corporation wants to steal, that’s fine.