Random Thoughts…

It’s 4.38am…

I’m not asleep because I’ve been editing video footage from Saturday’s Inner City Crawl gigs. The You Slut! gig is done and is now being encoded. It’s going to take 94 minutes. Who said home computers were now too powerful? 94 minutes to encode a 25 minute gig? Bah!

As I’m now quite sleep-deprived, strange thoughts have been going through my bonce. Thoughts of other gigs, other times… seeing The Southern Death Cult in 1982… House of Love, crashing my Mum’s car quite horribly on a right-hand turn in Heanor. Does anyone else remember Dirt Magazine? No?

What about Duckman?

For some reason, I’m remembering a lot of early 90s shit. Superchunk? Drop Nineteens? Fishmonkeyman?

And why do Nine Black Alps look just like Ride?

Just checked and the encoder now says 133 minutes! The bloody time is going up instead of down!

Bugger this, I’m off to bed!