Say No To ID Cards!

No2ID Cards!

Today, thanks again to Matt at Non-Tech City, I found out about this pledge and signed up. I don’t think it’ll be long until they reach their target.

I won’t repeat the meat of my previous rant about ID cards and their total, utter pointlessness. I don’t think my blood pressure could take it. But if you want more info, have a look at the Say No2ID site:

The Chinese Council of Grand Justices has just stopped in its tracks the Taiwanese government’s plans to impose compulsory fingerprinting on all Taiwanese citizens, declaring the move unconstitutional. This, after the People’s Republic of China abandoned universal fingerprinting due to cost and logistics.

Not so in the UK, where the Home Office still insist that “international obligations” tie their hands, ‘forcing’ them to fingerprint and iris scan every UK resident – conveniently populating the National Identity Register that lies at the heart of the government’s ID card scheme at the same time.

This obligation is fiction: the EU requires only a facial biometric – that’s “digital photo” to you and me. And last week Ireland shelved its plans for biometric passports as the US looks like it will abandon its demands for biometric travel documents amid concerns about technical infeasibility and unreliability.

As if that were not enough, experts now suggest that fraud would actually be increased by a centralised system. “The stakes are raised”, said Dr James Blackhouse, Director of the LSE’s Information Systems Integrity Group, “when the master key is cracked.” High levels of fraud in the US, where a single social security number is a universal key to most administration, provide incontrovertible evidence of this.

(Source: Say No2ID)

Really, take five minutes to have a read of the website and you’ll realise the nadir of the government’s lunacy.