The 3rd Hand

The 3rd Hand

Found via Steve Lawson’s excellent blog , this is a fantastic gizmo that looks bizarre but, if it does what it says on the tin, would liberate many knob-twiddlers. No longer would they develop crinkly spines from hours spent hunched over FX pedals.

The basic use of the pedal is to end the endless bending over and tweaking of pedal sounds. No more bending over to tweak the amount of fuzz, delay time or the level. Just hook the 3rd hand and tweak the pedal with your foot and its done !

A even greater advantage of hooking up the 3rd hand is real time use of the pedal. Take your Univibe or Tremelo and change the delay length or speed in real time. Your tremelo becomes very creative when you change the speed by rocking the pedal as your playing!
(Source: Musictoyz)

I want more gadgets as mad as this. Bring ’em on!