First Fuji F10 Test Shots

Flower Macro

Recently, I purchased one of these sleek babies:

Fuji F10

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I was swayed by its small size, the battery stamina (apparently 500 shots per charge) and the snappiness of the start-up. But the main thing that made me go for the little Fuji is the fact it can shoot at ISO 1600. For a lot of walkabout shots, this is immensely handy because you don’t have to rely on flash. To be honest, I hate using flash on compact cameras, the results are nearly always rabbit-in-headlights horrible. The Fuji’s flash is better than most but I still prefer the no-flash shots.

I managed to find it online for £230 which, for a six megapixel camera, is a great price.

Have a look at the gallery of test shots I took today. They aren’t Photoshopped at all, they’re straight out of the camera, warts and all. The flower macro at the top of the page is one of the better test shots. Some of the exposures are a little bit off but I could have got better in Manual mode, I just stuck to full Auto because that’s how most people will use the Fuji.

Click here for the test gallery!

Microsoft Rely On Apple G5s!

XBox 360

The nifty clips of video games supporting Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 console are running on Apple machines, Microsoft confirmed on Friday.

“We purchased a number of Apple G5’s because very specific hardware components of the G5 allow developers to emulate some of the technology behind future Xbox products and services,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement.
(Source: ZD Net)

What would good old Microsoft do without Apple, eh? 🙂