Where’s Google Gorn?

Ten minutes ago, I tried to check my Gmail. Got a strange “The document contains no data” error popup from Firefox.


So, I thought I’d do a search and see if there were any reports of Gmail being down. It was only after I clicked the search box that I realised all my searches are through Google too.

Double hmmmm…

After a bit more experimentation, I’ve found that Google UK is working (but not the news or images searches) but Google.com is definitely buggered.

Thank god my blog isn’t through Google or I probably wouldn’t be able to post/access that either!

Here’s a thought: eggs, basket?

I love Google. I remember the far-off days of Inktomi and Alta-Vista, Google came and was blessedly powerful, simple and clutter-free.

But the bigger something gets, the more we rely on it for more aspects of life, the more disastrous it is when it fails. Take CDRs and DVD-Rs. If a CDR gets damaged beyond repair, that’s 650 or so meg of data down the shitter. If a DVD goes bad, that’s potentially 4.7 gigabytes gone. That could be all your photos, a precious wedding vid, your kid’s first steps.

I’ve just sent out a load of Gmail invites to friends. Now I’m wondering if that was wise.

Eggs, baskets… tricky feller, Johnny Chaos…


Apparently, Google was actually hacked! Weird or what?