US Whitewashes Murder Of Calipari

Nicola Calipari
Nicola Calipari

Italians have reacted with outrage to news that an inquiry in the United States into the shooting of an Italian secret service agent in Iraq has cleared the American troops who killed him.
(Source: The Independent)

Have a look here for the story of how the US murdered Nicola Calipari.

And here are more US whitewashes:

* In 2003 a US military inquiry concluded that a US tank crew acted in self-defence when it fired at a Baghdad hotel used by journalists and killed a cameraman. The tank was said to have fired because a spotter was thought to be co-ordinating Iraqi fire from it. Journalists had informed the US they were based at the hotel.

* Last week a Pentagon inquiry cleared the senior officer at Abu Ghraib jail of blame for abuses. Claims that Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez was culpable were “unsubstantiated”.

* CBS reported in February that an inquiry into the killing of a wounded and unarmed Iraqi fighter in a Fallujah mosque last year had decided not to charge the US Marine who was filmed shooting the man. The Pentagon said the inquiry was continuing.
(Source: The Independent)

Note that last pearler: here we have video footage of a US soldier shooting an injured civilian dead. Murdering an unarmed and helpless man. And still the US government doesn’t consider this soldier worth charging. Iraqi lives mean so little to them.

Again, I want to ask you to imagine different circumstances. Imagine that Korean or Soviet soldiers shot an unarmed, injured civilian in video footage. Can you hear the uproar and pompous posturing the US would produce?

And here’s another one. Imagine it’s the Soviet era again. Imagine that there is a well-known academic who is suddenly under suspicion of leaking classified information to non-approved media. And then imagine if, very conveniently, that academic turned up dead. The authorities all declare it an obvious suicide.

What would you think? What do you think really happened to Dr. Kelly?

The smug ease with which the US government is clearing itself of any guilt regarding Calipari’s murder is not suprising. It’s not even un-common, as you can see from the above examples.

The message is clear: the US can kill whoever it wants, whenever it wants and it will evade justice in any manner it pleases.