Iraq War Illegal Says Leaked Dossier

The Iraq war was thrust dramatically into the election spotlight last night after long-sought government legal advice, cautioning that the invasion could be illegal, was leaked.

The document appears to confirm for the first time that the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, had serious reservations about the legality of the conflict, only to change his mind as British and US troops massed on the border of Iraq ready to invade.

The 13 pages of legal advice that Goldsmith drew up on 7 March, according to a report in today’s Mail on Sunday, warned that Blair could be in breach of international law for six reasons ranging from the lack of a second United Nations resolution to UN inspector Hans Blix’s continuing search for weapons.
(Source: The Guardian)

The truth won’t be hidden: eventually, it will unmask Blair as the butcher he is.

The manipulation, the distortions, the lies about Britain being ’45 minutes’ from attack. All of it is out there, all of Blair’s mendacity is on public record. And yet he keeps grinning that insane ‘trust me!’ grin and pretending to be clean and respectable. In reality, he’s filthy, covered with the shit of his lies and the blood of Iraqis.

To believe, now, that Britain went to war with Iraq on genuine grounds concerning its national security, you would have to be a total moron.

The evidence is overwhelming that Blair went to war to be the best poodle Bush could have, jumping up to protect his idiot master in his warmongering. Lying, cheating, killing for his master’s sake.

How can a man as evil as this remain leader of the Labour Party?

What does that say about the Labour MPs who support him?