Asian Tories = Jewish Nazis

I’m watching the news. There’s just been a Tory candidate for Cardiff on.

And he was Indian.

How fucking stupid can someone be? Being an Asian Tory makes exactly as much sense as a Jew joining the BNP.

The Tory party is the most racist major party in Britain. Apart from Howard’s Enoch-like race-baiting in this election, the Tories have long had links to the BNP, National Front and every other neo-Nazi bunch of boneheads. Tory leaders pick their allies carefully:

In October 1995, Duncan Smith was one of several Tories who met senior figures in the French National Front and later drank with them in a bar at Westminster. Bruno Gollnisch MEP, Le Pen’s deputy, was at the meeting, which was said to be about the European Union.
(Source: Black Information Link)

And let’s not forget the Monday Club, that gaggle of racists that has long had sway in top Tory circles:

John Bercow, the [then] Shadow Treasury Minister, was secretary of the Monday Club’s Immigration Committee in the 1980s, when he called for the voluntary repatriation of black and Asian people, repeal of the Race Relations Act and abolition of the Commission for Racial Equality.
(Source: Black Information Link)

Anyone remember Ann Winterton?

The Tory party has been involved in promoting racism in Britain for as long as I can remember. They are to the BNP and National Front what Sinn Fein are to the IRA.

And any Asian who votes Tory, let alone joins their rotten, stinking party, is a fool beyond measure.