Iraq WMD Claims “Untrue”

John Scarlett, intelligence dunce
John Scarlett, intelligence dunce

The intelligence officials who produced Tony Blair’s Iraq weapons dossier – the justification for war – have admitted that some of the main claims made in it were untrue.

The Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), which produced the dossier under its chairman John Scarlett, was forced to carry out a review after the failure to find Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction after the occupation,.

The committee admits that a whole array of allegations – from Iraq’s supposed chemical, biological and nuclear capabilites to its ballistic missiles — were either “wrong” or “unsubstantiated”.
(Source: The Independent)


Have all the people responsible for these “untruths” lost their jobs? Or, in typical governmental fashion, have they merely had one less Digestive given to them with their cup of tea?

Think of all the Iraqis who died as a result of the JIC and Blair’s lies. All those dead bodies and, apparently, no-one is to blame…

If I’ve said something horrible to a friend or perhaps not fully checked the sources for a magazine article I’m writing, I worry about it. I lose sleep.

And yet, these people can be responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands and not even have the common decency to resign from their cushy posts.

Am I insane? Is there not one honourable person left in the entire British government?