Spim, Spam and Capitalism

A U.S teenager has become the first person to be arrested on suspicion of sending unsolicited instant messages–or spim.

Anthony Greco, 18, was lured from New York to Los Angeles under the pretence of a business meeting. He was arrested upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport last Wednesday.

Greco allegedly sent 1.5 million messages advertising pornography and mortgages. According to reports, the recipients of the messages were all members of the MySpace.com online networking service.

In a further twist upon the scam, Greco had allegedly threatened to share his methods for spamming members of the group if MySpace.com didn’t sign an exclusive marketing deal that would have legitimized the messages he was sending via the service.
(Source: C Net)

I just found a link to the above article when I signed in to look at my MySpace messages. It clears up some recent weirdness I’ve been having on there. I kept getting notifications for friends requests or emails but when I logged in, nothing!

Spimmers, spammers, whatever the name it’s the same thing at the base: good, old-fashioned capitalism. Spam is the raw face of capitalism. Every pharmacy ad, every online poker scam, every offer to give you bigger genitals, it’s all pure selling.

Think of the bandwidth taken up by spam. I would say that 95% of all my email is spam nowadays. Every time I check my email, this is the kind of sight that greets me:

Bloody SPAM!

Like planned obsolescence, spam is an emblem of the waste of capitalism, the sheer inefficiency and frittering of resources it’s based upon. The only reason capitalism can keep lurching on is that it never pays the true costs of production, whether that’s holes in the ozone layer or the publicly-subsidised military industrial complex.

Capitalism poisons our rain and rivers but who has to pay to have their water made fit to drink? The individual. The polluters never pay the costs.

Think of all the spam floating around the net, imagine the server loads it produces. Translate that into CPU cycles, time, electricity, fossil fuels burnt. And that’s not even factoring the time and effort people have to spend to combat the ever-rising tide of capitalist shite. Why isn’t spam targeted by governments? Because it’s business, stupid, and businesses can do whatever they like in this world. They’re untouchable, even when they kill their customers as part of their business model.

Occasionally, minnows like Greco are netted but the big fish swim free.