WordPress Spams Google!

Taken from the always excellent Non-Tech City:

The blogging software that I and many others use, called WordPress, has been found to be spamming Google. The website wordpress.org has been found to be hosting over 100,000 articles written with the sole intention of generating high-revenue, content matched adverts.
(Source: N-T City)

This is a bit of a stunner. On the one hand, I love WordPress and, as Matt N-T C said to me in his email, shouldn’t the writers get some reward for all their hard work? I think they’ve had just over 100,000 downloads of WP 1.5 so far. That’s a hell of a lot of people relying on free software!


I don’t like spam. One of the reasons I don’t enable comments on Bzangy is that in the past, I’ve had to wade through too much semi-literate neo-Nazi bile. The other reason is comment spam, the bane of bloggers everywhere.

So, I’m a bit saddened that someone who’s signed-up against spam appears to be actively spamming Google.

It all seems to have blown-up rather hugely, as you can see if you read the original article linked to from Non-Tech City.