US Murderer Walks Free

Rogelio Maynulet
Rogelio Maynulet, the fucking murderer

BERLIN — A U.S. army tank company commander convicted of shooting dead a wounded Iraqi walked free from court on Friday, although he was dismissed from the army for what he called a “mercy killing.”

“He was sentenced with dismissal from the United States Army … there will be no confinement time,” a military spokesman said.

Prosecutors had pressed for conviction on a more serious charge of assault with intent to commit murder, which carries a maximum 20-year jail sentence.
(Source: Common Dreams)

Q – When is a human life worth something?

A – When that human is American.

Pro-life nutters in their thousands will protest the removal of life support for someone who’s severely brain-damaged.

But where are these sanctimonious fucks when Bush is bombing 100,000 Iraqis to death, murdering innocents to establish US military bases and thus get control of oil fields?


Where are the weeping fundamentalist Christians when their soldiers are murdering wounded civilians, shooting them dead in the streets of Iraq with less care than that afforded to injured animals?


To Bush and his neo-Nazi fundamentalist cohort, these lives don’t count. Iraqis aren’t human to Bush and American Republicans. Torture, sexual abuse, murder, all that is A-OK as far as the US military and government is concerned.

Iraqi lives are to be taken with impunity, let their murderers go free, give Wolfowitz, the Himmler of the Iraq invasion, the World Bank as a fat reward for his gas-chamber machinations.

Look at that solider’s face above. He’s just murdered someone, shot them to death. And he’s getting away with it.

The US military, the US government and the majority of the US electorate support this murderer. He’s one of their heroes of the great liberation of Iraq.

Remember that the next time you see George W. Bush on television spouting platitudes about the sanctity of human life.