Bzangy Bandwidth

Me, earlier today

Bzangy suffered a bit of an outage recently because the bandwidth was exceeded. To translate this into non-geek for you, there’d been too many people looking at the site so my host (not Keyvan, the host above him) blocked access. When you pay for a webhost, you pay according to the amount of traffic/visitors you think you’ll be getting. Obviously, more visitors = more work for the computers hosting your site.

So, Keyvan’s upped Bzangy’s bandwidth from 8 gig per month to 10 gig.

Well, I’m hugely chuffed so many people are looking at Bzangy but also a bit perplexed. After all, a lot of stuff on Bzangy is of very minority interest so it’s surprising it’s so popular. Have a look at the stats for this year:


So, Bzangy transferred 3 gig of guff in January of this year but by March it’d had reached (and exceeded!) 8 gig. In September 2003, the figure was 303 megabytes. That’s some increase in readership.

Who the hell is looking at this site? People fascinated by my apoplectic anti-war rants? Pervs looking for humongous boobs (always top in the stats search strings)? Fans of pictures of Derby? Huh?

Looking through my server logs, I found one source of recent hits:

The Guardian

They link to my spoof How To Make A Schmindie Video post that I wrote six years ago. But that Guardian article was from February so I don’t think it caused the March outage.

Sooo… if you’re a regular Bzangy reader, drop me a line. I’d like to find out more about all the people who are apparently fans of Bzangy.

Email me from the ‘About Me’ page. And please, please take the time to include a naked picture of yourself if you’re female. Make an old man happy.