More American Torture Of Iraqis

Damning evidence of American soldiers abusing detainees at another prison in Iraq was made public yesterday. It details how prisoners were “systematically and intentionally mistreated” at a military base in Mosul, culminating in the death of one. Nobody was court-martialled over the abuse
(Source: The Independent)

Where is the outrage about this? Where are the in-depth news features on TV?


We’ve got used to Americans torturing the Iraqis they’re “liberating.” It’s a mark of their great democratic crusade, torture. In order to liberate a people, it’s a well-known fact that you have to lock them up (without trial), beat them continuously and viciously, hopefully resulting in their death.

That’s American Democracy! Apple pie and genital torture!

That’s why we’re lucky to have Blair, a great leader who fully supports the US vision of democratic freedom. Hell, even our own troops have been enthusiastically trying to emulate our American cousins, torturing prisoners and helping out wherever they can.

Soldiers in the room when Mr Jassim’s jaw was broken all said they did not see the incident and the investigation was unable to determine which guards were at fault. None was punished.
(Source: The Independent)

Heh…that’s a good one! “We didn’t see it happen, Sir, he must have fallen or something. None of us did it, honest!” It’s good to see that the troops doing the torture are brave, forthcoming men, men that should make America proud! With men like this serving America, how can the great nation ever come to harm?

Thank god for Bush and Blair’s selfless crusade to bring democracy to the barbaric Islamist hordes! Thank god for our enlightened Western moral values! We must teach the savages the true meaning of civilisation.

Even if we have to torture those values into every last one of them…