‘Flu is Pooh!

Flu Virus
A gang of inluenza virions earlier today. Bastards.

Since Saturday, I’ve been laid low by lurgy, specifically ‘flu.

Like most men, I’m a terrible patient and Ele’s had to put up with a lot of whimpering, mewling and general ‘take care of me’ whimsy.

I suspect I caught it in the viral gang-bang that is central London, probably on the demo. I’m afraid I’ve been very dull and caught ‘flu at the end of the season:

The illness even has its own season – from November to April, with most cases occurring between late December and early March.
(Source: KidsHealth)

So far, I’ve had these symptoms:

muscle aches
loss of appetite 
sore throat
runny nose

Thankfully I’ve not had any vomiting or diarrhea, though I did have a bit of delerium, which was horrible. And a lot of bone ache. I can feel the inside of my shoulder bones when I move my arms. It’s most disconcerting.

At the same time, I do find it fascinating that inside my body, there’s a bitter war going on. My body is now pumping out antibodies tailored to the specific virus that’s invaded it. Pretty marvellous, really.

Flu Virus Anatomy

But the virus itself is quite amazing. Such a tiny scrap, a few bunches of RNA, and it can cause such disruption (millions of deaths) just by carrying out the only form of reproduction it can: hijacking animals’ cells and getting them to make its babies.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve made a little recording of my current respiratory state:

Jyoti Wheezing

Hope you like it. Maybe I should put a funky backbeat underneath it or something? Could be a hit!

I’m looking forward to getting better and gambolling in the sunshine once more, like a tubby lambkin.