An anarchist disrupts Derby city-centre


I thought I’d pop down and get some shots of the MASSIVE ANARCHIST PROTEST at Derby market place. I went prepared, made up a batch of Molotovs, put on my black ANARCHIST balaclava my Mum knitted me, cut-up all my credit cards, wiped my arse with a pic of the Queen, all the stuff in the Official Anarchist Handbook. You have to follow all the rules if you want to be a proper anarchist.

I got there and, bugger me! No-one. Some namby-pamby Greenies plus a smattering of oppressive Trot scum, who I shouted “KRONSTADT!” at very loudly. That showed ’em, Leninist pig-dogs.

Apparently “the man” spent two million quid on policing us dangerous anarchist types in Derby, drafting in coppers from the Met as well as Staffs. Well, it’s not like hospitals and schools need money, innit? And you never know, we might have rioted in Derby, if we hadn’t still been pissed-up on cider.

Click here for the piccies!

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