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Why should you march this Saturday in London? Here’s a message from a veteran marcher:

A Message from Tony Benn
Dear All Stop the War Members and Affiliates,

I am writing to you to urge to you attend the demonstration on March 19th. It is clear that not only was the war illegal but that one of the results of us going shoulder to shoulder with Bush on the “war on terror” is an unprecedented attack on our civil liberties. The government are desperately trying to push through new legislation for house arrest and soon it will be illegal to demonstrate outside government buildings.

We are expecting this demonstration to be big, but that of course all depends on you. Please make sure you are on the streets of central London on March 19th calling for the troops to be brought home, No More Bush Wars, No House Arrests, No bombs on Iran, No Terror Laws, and No Attack on Syria. Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to come along.

The demonstration is gathering at 12pm at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park. It will be passing the US embassy for, Parliament Sq and Downing Street linking the axes of evil. It will be the first time a mass demonstration passes the US Embassy since 1968 so the atmosphere will be electric.

Please make sure you attend the march. We must carry on demonstrating until we achieve our objectives, an end to the occupation of Iraq, and that no leader ever takes us to war illegally and unnecessarily ever again.

See you on Saturday.
Tony Benn
President of the Stop the War Coalition
(Source: Stop The War)

As I’ve said before, I measure people by their attitude to the Iraq invasion. If you support the invasion and the murder of over 100,000 Iraqis, you’re either evil or stupid. Evil, in that you don’t care about all those lives lost in a crusade for oil or perhaps stupid in that you’ve swallowed Bush and Blair’s propaganda unthinkingly. No intelligent person of good conscience could support the bloody atrocity of the Iraq invasion.

The hate email I get from the US is mostly from racists, neo-fascists/PNACists, general jingoistic Republicans and utter loonies. This spans the gamut of evil —> stupid.

But at least the Randian crackheads who email me have done something.

What have you done?

Read Benn’s words above. Do you value your civil liberties? Do you want Britain to be turned into a police state? Do you care that the US is now menacing Iran and Syria? Do you think it’s okay that, if they wanted, the government could imprison you in your own house with no trial, no jury of peers? Do you want British troops to keep occupying Iraq following an illegal invasion and as part of an illegal war?

If you care at all about any of the above questions, then you must march on Saturday. We have to show Butcher Blair that we haven’t forgotten Iraq.

This weekend, we’ll be marching all around the world:

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We can change the world, we will change the world!