USA Withdraws From Its Own Convention

The United States has withdrawn from an accord that lets an international court decide disputes over foreign inmates, an agreement U.S. death penalty opponents have been using to fight death row cases.

The decision followed an International Court of Justice ruling last year that ordered new hearings for 51 Mexican death row inmates because U.S. authorities did not tell them they could consult diplomats from their own country right after their arrests.
(Source: Reuters)

Kyoto, the ICC and now this part of the Vienna Convention. It seems the USA only cares about international law when the wind blows a certain way. Kidnapping children, invading non-agressor countries, torturing prisoners, shooting wounded civilians dead (on TV!), what next for the US government?

Peter Spiro, a law professor at the University of Georgia, said the withdrawal was lame.

“It’s a sore-loser kind of move,” Spiro said.”If we can’t win, we’re not going to play.”

The United States itself proposed the protocol in 1963 and ratified it along with the rest of the Vienna Convention in 1969.
(Source: New Kerala)

The current US government respects only one thing: power. It even trashes humane conventions previous US governments fought for!

The US government is acting exactly like the totalitarian brutes of the Stalinist USSR used to. It displays precisely the same arrogance and contempt for international law.