Laura Veirs & Gina Villalobos

Laura Veirs - 9

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to see both Laura Veirs and Gina Villalobos play at an in-store thingy at Reveal Records in Derby.

Unlike a lot of quiet gigs, the audience was pin-drop silent. I hate it when people turn up to acoustic shows just to yammer all the way through. Cue fistfight from me.

My day was made when Laura Veirs played ‘Icebound Stream,’ from her latest new album, ‘Carbon Glacier.’ This is such a wonderful pop song, with its stop-startiness and ruminative meandering. She sang it beautifully.

I’ve not heard much Gina Villalobos before but I enjoyed her set too. Her stuff is much more gutsy and rocky so it was a good contrast to Veir’s plaintive European folkiness.

Thank you to Reveal Records for getting such cool artists to play and not even charging admission!

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