Day: March 2, 2005

  • Derby At Night (Lensbaby)

    The final load of Lensbaby pics from yesterday. I’ve never tried using it at night before but I love the way it smears lights. Lovely! Obviously, low-light + handheld camera + wiggly hand-focussing isn’t the best of combinations but I think some of the shots have come out quite well. Everytime I use the Lensbaby,…

  • Nero Peeps (Lensbaby)

    Just a few Lensbaby snaps from Nero. Click here for the pics!

  • St. Werburghs (Lensbaby)

    Apparently this grand old building is being renovated. I think it’s going to become a posh restaurant or something. Hmmm… Personally, I’d love to see this building used for something a bit more unique, something that would benefit from the space, height and light. Perhaps a gallery or an Arts Centre. Why bulldoze over the…

  • Derby (Lensbaby)

    Yaaay! Sunshine! Click here for the piccies!