Too Many Friendsters, Not Enough Friends


In the above piccy, you can see all the social neworking sites I’m currently on. Two MySpace profiles (one for me, one for my band), Everyone’s Connected, Friendster and, lately, Hi 5.

I’m beginning to wonder what the point of these sites is. Every few months a new one will come along, there’ll be flurry of people joining, inviting their mates on and then, inevitably, the site will slowdown to the point of uselessness. Then people will stop using it and… wait for the next one to start.

So far, the only people I’ve added to my personal profiles are people I know in “real life” anyway. I haven’t got to “meet” one person I didn’t already know. I’m guessing it’s because people basically keep to themselves. So, unless your profile shot features some gratuitous nudity or you’re a teenage girl, people won’t just add you out of the blue.

Each site has its good points. Friendster was fun for a while, before it started running like a sloth through molasses. Everyone’s Connected has some fancy pseudo-newspaper features (instead of bulletins) plus you can see who’s been looking at your profile. MySpace is fun because it’s possible to spend hours browsing through photos of naked women and pretend they actually represent the person who posted them. And yes, I mean you, hairy old bloke pretending to be Lindsay Lohan.

Maybe it’s my grumpy pic putting people off but it was either that one or my Boss Nass image. Perhaps I’d get some adds if I got my hair emoed up, pushed my boobs together and gazed into my webcam alluringly?

Right, I’m off to check if anyone’s added me… 🙂