Germans Say, “Bush Go Home!”

Demonstrators pulled a float portraying a prisoner being beaten at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison through the German city of Mainz on Wednesday, part of a protest by several thousand people against visiting United States President George Bush.

Germans Against Bush
A demonstrator waves a peace-flag during a protest rally against the visit of U.S. President George W. Bush in Mainz, western Germany, on Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2005. (AP Photo/Fabian Bimmer)

The float featured a woman in military fatigues whipping a “prisoner” in an orange jumpsuit — a replication of abuse by US troops at the Baghdad prison. Also among the marchers were four people in brown cow costumes bearing a sign: “We don’t need you, cowboy.”
(Source: Common Dreams)

(UPDATE 25/2
There were actually 12,000 protestors, not 5,000. Have a look at this more detailed article.)

Bush’s stupid, dunce’s grimace has been all over the telly the last few days. The TV news coverage has been uniformly sycophantic and glowing, trying to paint the fundamentalist nutter as a world statesman rather than the confused puppet of PNAC.

But anyone who’s seen the footage of him being told about the WTC attacks in Fahrenheit 911 knows that Bush is about as decisive and commanding as a hamster. He’s not even as good an actor as Reagan was. And never did I think I’d be comparing Rockin’ Ron favourably to another US President.

The mass media is trying to make Iraq go away. But now, more than ever, it throws the world political situation into sharp relief. The Iraqis voted for a timetable for the withdrawal of all occupation forces. Has that been drawn up? Is there a true handover of power under way in Iraq or will the US retain a huge military presence there?

In world terms, what is the US up to? Its military bases girdle the globe, threatening “rogue nations” while carrying out its own rogue policies:

At a news conference Thursday, Bush demanded that Syria end its occupation of Lebanon but he stopped short of accusing Syria of assassinating former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. An investigation to assign blame is under way.

It would also help if Bush were to practice what he preaches. His orders to Syria might carry more weight if the United States were not occupying Iraq, digging in for the long haul with reported plans for more than a dozen permanent military bases there.

He also is denouncing Iran and North Korea for nuclear arms while the United States is studying a new generation of nuclear battlefield weapons and bunker busters.
(Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer)

That’s why seeing the news about the German protest is so heartening. Why isn’t it all over the telly? It isn’t even on the BBC News website. Yep, I found it. But I had to search.

Look at the coverage of Bush and Blair currently on TV. It’s clear that the mass media is only interested in showing us one side of the story. Doesn’t anyone find it ironic that the government complaining about Korea’s nuclear weapons is simultaneously trying to increase its own stockpile? And that country is also the only country in history to have used nuclear weapons in combat.

And who’s got his finger on the button? George W. Bush. A man who believes he’s personally guided and protected by god.

Just like Osama bin Laden.