And You Think I Post A Lot…

Darren RowseHow frequently do you post?
I currently have a goal of posting 25 posts per day 7 days per week. Of course this is across 17 blogs, some of which I post multiple posts per day, others I would only post on a couple of times per week. I don’t always meet this goal (although some days when I’m on a roll I can do much more than that) but its what I aim for. I figure if I want to make a full time living from blogging then I need to put significant levels of effort into it. If I post for a full year at this rate I’ll have added 9125 pages which gives every opportunity for someone to find it using search engines.
(Source: Buzz Marketing)

Bloody hell! Twenty-five posts a day! I’m a gobshite and I can’t imagine doing ten posts in one day, let alone that number.

I know this bloke makes his living from blogging but I can’t help but think he’d be better paid in print journalism. And perhaps have more spare time away from the computer?