Christian Morons

David Soul as Jerry SpringerA cancer charity has refused a donation from Jerry Springer – The Opera after a religious group threatened to protest.

Maggie’s Centres said Christian Voice’s contact prompted it to reject £3,000.

Christian Voice said it had warned the charity that accepting cash from a show full of “filth and blasphemy” would be a public relations disaster.
(Source: BBC News)

Can you believe it? A group who allegedly follow the god of love and forgiveness stop a cancer charity receiving money? And how exactly did they win over the charity to their point of view? Was it by patient discussion and the application of the lessons of scripture? No.

Stephen Green, from Christian Voice, said the charity had made a decision to “honour the Christian faith”, describing it as a “beacon of excellence”.

“They were in grave risk of alienating Christian donors, their staff and cancer patients,” he told Radio 4’s Today programme.

He admitted his group threatened to protest outside the cancer charities’ offices had they accepted the donation.
(Source: BBC News)

In other words, if the charity had accepted the money, these “Christians” would have bullied any other followers of their faith away from donating. Never mind the people dying of cancer. What do they matter?

Because of this religious group’s insane belief in ghosties and goblins, victims of cancer are now being denied £3,000 of aid.

Well done Christian Voice, you’re certainly doing a great job of promoting your god.

And people wonder why organised religion in Britain is losing followers every day. It’s not surprising with bullyboy idiots like this in the fold…