More Site Tweakage

It's full of stars

I only just re-jigged Bzangy but now I’ve gone and done it all again!


Because I upgraded to WordPress 1.5. And I took a long look at my site, which I’d spent hours tweaking, and decided it looked shite. I’d been trying to make sure I used the whole width of the browser, no matter what the reader’s resolution. It sort-of worked but it was very ungainly and some of it did, in retrospect, make my eyes bleed.

So, I’ve taken the basic Kubrick design that comes as default with WordPress and jiggled around with that. Basically, Michael Heilemann has a beautiful graphic design eye whereas mine is a bit wonky. And rubbish.

I think Bzangy looks much better now you can see more of my pics at the top, instead of a thin sliver. And who knows, maybe a pick of you will pop up?