Iraq Says: “Yanks Go Home!”


The election results are in: Iraqis voted overwhelmingly to throw out the US-installed government of Iyad Allawi, who refused to ask the United States to leave. A decisive majority voted for the United Iraqi Alliance; the second plank in the UIA platform calls for “a timetable for the withdrawal of the multinational forces from Iraq.”

There are more single-digit messages embedded in the winning coalition’s platform. Some highlights: “Adopting a social security system under which the state guarantees a job for every fit Iraqi…and offers facilities to citizens to build homes.” The UIA also pledges “to write off Iraq’s debts, cancel reparations and use the oil wealth for economic development projects.” In short, Iraqis voted to repudiate the radical free-market policies imposed by former chief US envoy Paul Bremer and locked in by a recent agreement with the International Monetary Fund.
(Source: The Nation)

But, as in Chile, the US government doesn’t actually care about democracy, it cares about maintaining its control over the world. Especially the oil-rich bits of it:

So will the people who got all choked up watching Iraqis flock to the polls support these democratically chosen demands? Please. “You don’t set timetables,” George W. Bush said four days after Iraqis voted for exactly that. Likewise, British Prime Minister Tony Blair called the elections “magnificent” but dismissed a firm timetable out of hand.
(Source: The Nation)

Please read the rest of Naomi Klein’s article, linked above. She says it all far better than I could.

Bless Playlist 14/2/2005


This week’s top new song was ‘Jaws Of Life’ by Wintersleep. It’s from their new album, released today (Feb. 15th), which is untitled. So I guess we’ll call it Wintersleep 2005? I hadn’t ever heard of Wintersleep before finding them on the net but I’m glad I did: the album is excellent and varies between heavy, pounding rock and lighter, more twiddly moments. I’d say that anyone who likes ATDI, Mars Volta, Trail Of Dead or similar should definitely check this album out. And just to help you, if you click here, you can have a listen to ‘Jaws Of Life’ and decide for yourself. I just bought a copy of the new album via their website and it was very easy… and damn cheap! £10.70 inc postage all the way from Canada!

Tim Hardin

I recently bought the wonderful ‘Hang On To A Dream,’ which is the Verve recordings of Tim Hardin. I first heard Hardin around thirteen years ago when I ran across his track ‘Reason To Believe’ on a ’60s folk comp. I was immediately struck by how rich and resonant his voice was. But he had more than a great voice: Hardin was an immensely talented songwriter and most people know his work from the many cover versions. ‘Don’t Make Promises’ is a top Hardin track. The musical setting is instantly catchy, quite upbeat and jaunty and yet Hardin weaves a disturbing lyric through it all. The result is a beautiful love song, full of light and shade, not just a collection of saccharine platitudes and cliches as in most contemporary pop.

Tonight, you heard:

Operation S – Je Suis Une Illusion
LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
The Beatnuts – Turn It Out Feat. Greg Nice
Remembering Never – The Glutton
Godchild – La Tete Qui Bout
Minus The Bear – Fine + 2 Pts
Supercilious – Give Us Back To The Witches
Styles Of Beyond – Outta Control
Wintersleep – Jaws Of Life
Split Enz – Six Month In A Leaky Boat
The Red Chord – L Formation
Venetian Snares – Masodik Galamb
Adam Green – Emily
Rodney P – We Don’t Like Coppers
The Allstonians – Hangin’ Round
Morphine – Buena
Days Away – God And Mars
Ellen Allien – Alles Sehen
The Delgados – Everybody Come Down
Art Blakey – Generique
Rapper Big Pooh – I Don’t Care
Apparat – Komponent
Fugazi – Caustic Acrostic
Andrew Bird – Skin Is, My
Say Hi To Your Mom – Pop Music Of The Future
Fucking Champs – I Am The Album Cover
Ceephax Acid Crew – Exidy
De La Soul – Eye Know [The Know It All Mix]
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – The Best
Erlend Oye – Sheltered Life
Bright Eyes – Another Travelin’ Song
Sage Francis – Gunz Yo
Spoon – Small Stakes
Earth Crisis – New Ethic
Tunng – Fair Doreen
Early Day Miners – Comfort/Guilt
Grayskul – Deadlivers
Stars – What I’m Trying To Say
Devo – Girl U Want
The Decemberists – The Engine Driver
Chateau Flight – Ongaku
Teenage Fanclub – December
The Futureheads – Robot
Tim Hardin – Don’t Make Promises