Go! Team – Free iTunes Download!

Go Team

Just noticed that you can get a kosher, completely free Go! Team song from iTunes this week:

Click here for the choon!

I love iTunes. I don’t actually buy much stuff from there (I have to have the booklets, the physical THING) but it’s one of my primary music browsing sources. I just find something I like and then have a browse through what else people who bought it bought.

One of my White Town albums is up on iTunes, the EMI one, naturally. And what did people who bought my album also buy?


Hmmm… I can sort of see the Pet Shop Boys but I guess the mad mix of the other artists means that, for that one album, I’m a totally mainstream, genre-less artist. Which is fine by me. Although I still maintain that I invented “indietronica” and I’m going to sue all those post-Postal Service bands out there. Unless any of them can prove they where whingeing over synths before I was in 1982.

I should also give The Arcade Fire debut album ‘Funeral’ a plug while I’m pimping iTunes. It was one of my top albums of 2004 (I imported it from Amazon US, pretty cheap!) and you can buy it for a lovely £7.90 by clicking the above link. At the very least, have a listen to ‘Neighbourhood 2’ as it’s a marvellous song, like a Phillip Roth novel set to music.

That’s enough global commerce for one post…