Drummer Wanted (in New York, not Derby)

Say Hi To Your Mom

Say Hi To Your Mom find ourselves in need of a drummer, once again, having lost the last one to a higher paying, more unit-moving Major Label band. The ideal candidate will be ready to be on the road for much of March (paid, of course). Also, he or she will be experienced and professional (at least when playing his or her instrument) and live in New York City (or close enough). Tell your friends:

contact: drummers@sayhitoyourmom.com
visit: http://www.sayhitoyourmom.com

Eric / Say Hi To Your Mom

Hell, if I could play the drums, I’d probably catch a plane over there and turn up, sticks in hand.

Some lucky bleeder is going to be joining one of the best pop bands in the world…

While I’m here bigging them up, have a read of their letters to people:


Yet another reason to like this band.