Missing Email

Menwith Hill

If you’ve sent me email recently, whether from the ‘About’ section here or independently, and I haven’t replied… well maybe I did. I’ve had a lot of outbound email go missing lately. I only know this because a couple of people have re-emailed me about work-related stuff, wondering why I hadn’t replied. So I got a bit paranoid and last night I sent emails to other people who hadn’t replied to my last messages. Turns out, they’d never got them!

Now, I’m not actually suggesting the spooks at Menwith Hill (above) have singled me out in their global infowar. I think it’s far more likely that my emails are going missing due to the increasingly aggressive spam-filtering people have to install, thanks to our wonderful free-market economy and its corporate abusers. (What the hell is Cialis anyway?)

But sometimes I wonder why ‘US Government’ pops up so much as a visitor when I look at my web stats logs…

Anyway, if you think I’ve been ignorant to you recently and not replied to an email, please bear in mind that I might have and please re-send it.