First Lensbaby Test Shots!


This morning my Lensbaby arrived from America. It was sunny when I did the first shots at home so I thought I’d pop into town and give it a tryout. Of course, as soon as I got in, typically grey Derby weather arrived.

After a day of shooting with it, I’m already in love with it. The only downside so far was that I was whacked with a twenty-three quid import charge. I’d looked around the web but couldn’t find an English supplier so I bought it direct from the manufacturer. Fifty quid for such an amazing lens is a bargain but once you add the courier and the import duty, it almost doubled the cost (though I could have chosen far cheaper delivery options and Lensbabies can’t be held responsible for our taxes).

I’ve seen many examples of the gloriously blurry, impressionistic images it produces on the net but what I wasn’t prepared for was how sharp and contrasty it could also be. Being able to move the sweet spot around was great fun, as was the totally manual focussing:

Sadler Gate

I had so much fun today with this little lens. I know some people may wonder what the attraction is of a basically blurry lens, why not just create the same effect in Photoshop but they’re missing the point. When you use a Lensbaby, it makes you take photographs differently. No more auto-aperture, no more auto-focus! It forces different choices which means you take different pics. And I don’t think I could ever reproduce the beauty of true extreme chromatic aberration that Lensbaby produces.

All the shots in the following gallery were taken at f5.6 mainly cos I hadn’t managed to prise the rubber grommet out of the lens to change the aperture ring!

Click here for the pics!