Whoops! You’re Dead!

More liberated Iraqis

Fourteen Iraqis were reported killed and five injured early yesterday morning after an American war plane obliterated a family house in the north of the country. The military said it was a mistake.

Last year, US forces mounted frequent air strikes on houses in the western Iraqi city of Fallujah ahead of a major ground offensive, claiming the houses were being used by insurgents.

In May, US marines outraged ordinary Iraqis when they attacked an isolated villa in western Iraq, claiming it was an insurgent base and killing 40. Survivors said they were all civilians.
(Source: Common Dreams)

Which has killed more Iraqis: US military evil or US military incompetence?

Either way, these fourteen innocent civilians will now join the 100,000+ other Iraqis killed by the foreign invaders.

It seems for the US government, liberation = death.