There’s Always Money For War

The US government has so far pledged $350m to the victims of the tsunami, and the UK government £50m ($96m). The US has spent $148 billion on the Iraq war and the UK £6bn ($11.5bn). The war has been running for 656 days. This means that the money pledged for the tsunami disaster by the United States is the equivalent of one and a half day’s spending in Iraq. The money the UK has given equates to five and a half days of our involvement in the war.
(Source: The Guardian)

Think about the above figures the next time you see Butcher Blair on TV, doing his oily serious face and talking about helping the tsunami victims.

There’s always money for war, always money to drop thousands of bombs on Iraqi civilians. Always money for missiles, rockets, state-of-the-art military computer tech.

But when we need money for education, for hospitals, for building homes for the homeless, all the basic infrastructure every civilised country should have, the money isn’t there. We must listen to the “free” market, we must be realistic about taxation, we musn’t reward undeserving scum by providing them with healthcare/homes/jobs.

Why is it that the only public spending program Tories / Republicans approve of unreservedly is the killing of other humans?

Let’s take the US government figures:

$148 billion for killing people
$350 million for helping people

Bit of a disparity there, hmmm? It shows the US government’s priorities. Note that I say government. What the average American wants may have nothing in common with what his/her government actually does.

I’ve already heard grumbling about the aid being given to tsunami victims, all from Tory twats of course. It’s the same old racist shite: why should we be giving our money to those foreigners? Funny how the people complaining are the same flag-waving cretins only too happy to see their tax money being spent on bombing foreigners.

Here’s an idea: let’s privatise WAR!

All those who want to wage war on Iraq can simply buy the planes, rockets, bombs directly from the military corporations. Then they can employ mercenaries to fight and die with their own money too. No government should use public funds to wage war, it should all come from private investors. So should any money for research and development programs – why should they get billions from public funds? Isn’t that the COMMIE way to run the military?

After all, isn’t the “free” market the best way to run the world? Don’t all the bourgeois economists and politicians agree that it’s the most “efficient” economic system? If it’s so great, why don’t we apply it to waging war?

Let’s make war properly subject to the laws of supply and demand. The corporations want to sell us war, let’s see if anyone’s buying at those prices.

Look at those figures above again. That’s your money being spent on war, that’s money directly from your family’s pocket. Imagine if our governments’ priorities were based around nurture rather than murder. Imagine if helping the tsunami victims was truly as high a priority as war…

How different would the world be?