Plus Ça Change . . . 2


Trawling through songs in my iTunes library at random, I hit upon The Comateen’s truly excellent ‘Get Off My Case’ and didn’t recognise it immediately. I thought it was a new track by some indietronica hipsters, perhaps !!! or LCD Soundsystem. I was listening, nodding along and thinking ‘oooh, this’ll be a good new track to play tomorrow.’ Then I checked and this cutting-edge slice of guitar-synth-pulse-funk is over twenty years old. So I’ll have to DJ it as an old classic.

And don’t even get me started on who’s currently ripping-off Chakk and Hula. All I’m saying is that a lot of “new” singles by up-and-coming corporate schmindie bands ain’t that new. They’re just threadbare re-treads of fine Sheffield post-punk funk. They may have great production and piles of money to make glossy videos but they haven’t got any of the soul.