Bless Playlist 27/12/2004

Waterloo. Insert Abba joke here…

Tonight’s top new song was ‘All That You Know’ by Waterloo. Although remiss in correctly titling their website, they more than make up for this heinous error with their finely-honed indie guitar pop. Very, very catchy!

The best old song was Supertramp’s ‘Logical Song,’ which sounded particularly sweet right after a Converge golden oldie.

When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful:

Skeleton Key – Wide Open
Pink Grease – The Pink G.R.Ease
Kid 606 – Ecstasy Motherfucker
Lamb Of God – Purified
Postal Service – Clark Gable
Knockout Pills – Target H
Ben Kweller – Wasted & Ready
Shesus – In The France
Lodil – Repleat Curtain
Atreyu – Right Side Of The Bed
Skomoni – Le Jeu Du Rap
Coheed And Cambria – Blood Red Summer
Plans And Apologies – Eggbound Mutebone
The GC5 – White Flag
Doormouse – Sinosim
Minus The Bear – Fine + 2 Pts
Fallacy – Big N Bashy
Minor Threat – Straight Edge
The Hope Conspiracy – Bled Across The Wire
The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
Vessel – As She Explodes
Camera Obscura – Keep It Clean
Earth Crisis – Provoke
MF Doom – Uckupon
Crooked Fingers – Call To Love
Maritime – Some One Has To Die
Le Chevre – Worst Day
AFI – He Who Laughs Last…
Kool Keith – Lost In Space
Matthew Rozeik – Oh Lord, Please Give Me Another Brain
I Farm – A Little White Lie
Skinnyman – No Big Ting
The Good Life – Lovers Need Lawyers
Guided By Voices – Gonna Never Have To Die
Original Hamster – Human Replace
Melt-Banana – STICK OUT
The Go! Team – Get It Together
Rodney P – We Don’t Like Coppers
Mercury Rev – Goddess On A Hiway
Waterloo – All That You Know
Le Tigre – Viz
Napalm Death – Scum
Adeem – Broken Right Wing
Converge – Concubine
Supertramp – The Logical Song
Sleater Kinney – Words And Guitar
The Lucksmiths – Camera-Shy
EU – Rilly
Sweatshop Union – Us
The Radio Dept. – 1995
Say Hi To Your Mom – Pop Music Of The Future
Lost Sounds – There’s Nothing
The Roots – Don’t Say Nuthin’
Elliott Smith – A Fond Farewell
Shearwater – The World In 1984