Another Internet Wonder


So, here’s how the story goes…

A while ago, I’m downloading music off the net (I’m not going to say where from just in case any nasty RIAA types are reading this). And I see an EP from a band I’ve never heard of called The Jeunes. So I download it, give it a listen and it’s great. Then I play a track on Monday when I’m DJing at The Bless.

Then I get an email from the band. It turns out they’d uploaded the tracks themselves, precisely so they could get them out to a wider audience. Well, it worked!

After a bit more emailing, I hear some of their new stuff, all good, and I offer to remix one track that I find very catchy. After doing the remix, I end up emailing them the final track as an mp3 and they even download the proper un-compressed audio from my webspace. A lot less hassle and time than posting stuff to America!

Then, yesterday, I’m downloading more new tracks when, guess what? Yep! Up pops The Jeunes new EP complete with the new remix I did for them. Brilliant!

I’ve just got an email from Curtis Jeune and a DJ from a New Jersey college radio station heard my remix, also via downloading, and now they’ve posted him a CDR to play. Which is exactly what I was hoping for when I did the remix.

You see – the internet isn’t just for hate mail from Tory nutters!