How The Antiwar Movement Is Winning

Senior army commanders have expressed fears that the increasingly vocal anti-Iraq war movement is discouraging thousands of young men from considering a career in the armed forces.

They blame high-profile campaigns against the war, often led by bereaved parents and supported by celebrities and political figures, for worsening recruitment problems, particularly into the infantry.

According to military sources the high media visibility of bereaved parents, such as Rose Gentle, whose 19-year-old son was killed, and the unpopularity of the war have made recruitment and retention a problem, exacerbating an already acute recruitment crisis in areas such as Scotland. The problem is now also spreading to the north of England and Wales, forces officials say.
(Source: The Guardian)

So, even if the British mass media won’t televise our marches and Butcher Blair and his New Labour scum ignore our protests, here’s one group of people acknowledging how effective us loony-lefty peaceniks are.

If anything I’ve taken part in over the past couple of years has put even one person off joining the army, I’d be happy. Apparently, the anti-war movement has had a much larger affect, both here and in the US. Kids are having second thoughts before signing-up to be cannon fodder in their governments’ military adventures. It’s even affected the TA:

According to army sources the problem is also evident in the Territorial Army which has bolstered the regular Army’s ranks in Iraq.

‘People join the Territorials for a hobby,’ said another source. ‘They don’t expect to end up being sent to Iraq for six months, taking casualties and seeing a lot of killing. There is no end in sight to the war in Iraq. That is what is really putting people off.’
(Source: The Guardian)

And what about all the lazy, trendy-lefty wankers out there who just whinge away, never actually doing anything? “I’m against the war as much as anyone but what’s the point of marching and protesting? Won’t change anything, will it? I think I’ll just go to the pub and tell jokes about Bush instead.”

Well, it looks like you were wrong too.

Everything we do makes a difference. Every single person who’s spent their time and money protesting against this evil war has contributed to saving lives, both Iraqi and British.

If you believe you are powerless, then you make yourself powerless.