Need To Know

I’ve now had about four or five peeps come up to me to thank me for putting them onto UK Resistance. So, what the hell, I may as well plug the equally always excellent NTK.

Like UKR, it’s very geek-orientated so if you’re quite normal you’ll probably find it dull. If, however, you take pride in the fact that your watch is also a calculator, then I can safely say that you’ll love NTK. Where else but NTK would I have found this bemusing link? :

Or this even more baffling and slightly worrying example:

And where else would I find a link to this tribute to the infamous :

Don’t explore this link if you’re at work or next to a nun

I know my life is more complete now that I’ve seen this tribute sandcastle goatse:

Heads up!

Yes. The internet at its shining best. Brought to my bleeding eyes thanks to NTK.