Girls, Please Send Me Your Naked Pictures

Where’s the Livejournal gif for my current mood?
I want it 128 colours and no dither used
So that dull fucking twats
See it and drop dead
Where’s the handy animation
To hang over my head?

Where’s the killfilter for your stream of utter shite?
Why can’t I banish you from my eyes?
Your thirteenth-hand opinions culled from the Live TV Newsbunny
Your reach never exceeds your grasp
Because you never reach for anything

I am so fucking bored
I am so fucking bored
I am so fucking bored
Of you

You’re made out of stars but you gaze at the gutter
When you open your gob
It’s a cynical mutter
If ignorance is bliss
You’re the happiest man alive

Girls, please send me your naked pictures
I’m in a hole and it’s getting deeper
Perhaps I can wank my way out of it
But I’m rather bored of all my porn
So maybe you could help me out?

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