The Wundaweb!

I just got this incoming transmission from Commander Zorg, CEO of UK Resistance:


Thanks for ignoring most of 2003, when the site wasn’t funny, or updated, or any good.


That’s the beauty of the wunnerful innerned. Maybe Zorg’s a stalker of mine but I think it’s more likely he found my UKR plug whilst Google egosurfing. Yay for Google! And egos! (But not ids and any monsters thereof.)

I now feel duty-bound to further plug UKR. Specifically, you should go and look at this Retro Gaming Special

I’ve no idea how old the curators of UKR are. But to an old, old man like me, the mere mention of Sam Fox Strip Poker brings a tear to my eye. Missus. I hope one day they’ll do a special feature on that game you could get for the Apple IIe which involved bunnies and some gnomes. I’m not making that up, by the way.

I loved it when UKR and its contributors would raid a foolishly unguarded Fujitsu-Siemens server:




And I’m providing the following two items nicked from UKR as a public service for n0083z who aren’t as 1££t as me:



I feel that the whole of UKR, even the bits they leave coyly unlinked, should be collated into a fine, hardbound annual. It would make a fine bogside book.