Vida Halloween All-Dayer

Derbische-Sheffieldische Freundschaft…

I had an excellent day yesterday at Bar Vida, seeing eight bands and one art happening, all for £3! Now, that’s value. It was a bit of a Sheffield band invasion since five of the acts hail from there (Biba, The Thieves and Ima Nemic repped Derby).

It’s the first time I’ve seen Biba live and I really enjoyed their set. They sound strangely like some gothy 1983 4AD band even though they probably don’t intend to. I think it’s the combination of pounding drum machine, echoey guitar and pumping electric bass, it’s all very This Mortal Coil. Which is fine by me, classic goth that I am.

As for all the foreign bands – sheer class from Sheffield! If you get the chance to see any of these bands, take it, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s hope a Derby-Sheffield gig-swap routine gets going, it’d be great to have more new bands playing in Derby. Plus, I’m sure most Derby bands get bored playing the same city continuously…

The night finished off with mayhem as people just plugged in and made noise. Was it melodious? Nope! Was it full of humour, passion and sheer love of noise? Yep! It was dedicated to Peelie and I’m sure he would have loved it.

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[Heart] Yeah!!
Letters And Colours
Alex Kid
The Thieves
Rotary Ten
Red Cars Go Faster
Ima Nemic
The Happening