Bush And Blair Help Al-Quaeda Recruit

The war in Iraq probably helped boost al-Qaeda recruitment, according to a report from leading Western think-tank.

The report, the annual Military Balance by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, does not dwell on the causes of the war.

But it does consider its effects and has some highly critical comments.

It says that the risks of terrorism to Westerners and Western assets in Arab countries “appeared to increase after the Iraq war began in March 2003”.

It says that al-Qaeda was forced to disperse after the invasion of Afghanistan but remained “a viable and effective ‘network of networks’ “.

“It is probable that recruitment generally has accelerated on account of Iraq,” the report concludes.
(Source: BBC News)

Thank you, Mr. Bush! Thank you, Mr. Blair!

Thanks to you, we can all sleep a little less safely in our beds tonight. Because of your warmongering, extremist terror groups now have a steady supply of people ready to commit suicide in order to avenge their massacred relatives.

Well done, you murdering fuckwits.