October 17th Antiwar March: Give Them Sport And Soaps Instead

It’s 1.38pm. I’m watching a special live broadcast from Trafalgar Square. There’s a pitifully tiny crowd, a few thousand at best, being assaulted by some terrible live music. It’s some Olympic bullshit.

But it’s obviously very important. Hence the live broadcast. My licence fee money has gone towards covering this event about the British 2012 Olympics bid.

Yesterday, I marched with at least a hundred thousand others in protest of Britain’s occupation of Iraq. Here are the pictures. Did that make the BBC TV news? Nope. What was the top story that day? Something about the change in GCSE / A Level structures.

Look at all these people:

Ignored people

That line of marchers just kept coming and coming. Many times, as I was taking pics, I got stuck at what I thought was the end of the march. But after a minute or so, a whole new segment of protesters would turn up, tens of thousands of people protesting at the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Just ordinary people, the same as me, who’d given up their time and money to protest at the evil our government committed and is continuing to support.

Stop The War estimates around 100,000 people were on the march on Sunday. The police estimate 20,000, typically low. But even if their laughably political estimate was true, that number of people would dwarf anything to do with the Olympic bid or any other recent political demonstration not concerned with Iraq.

This is how you rewrite history. If political marches are inconvenient to your government, ensure that there are no reports of them on mainstream TV. Therefore, for most of the population, they hever happened! A lot of people I know didn’t even realise there was a protest on Sunday, they thought I’d been to London for some business thing. They had no idea that 100,000 people had gathered in London, that Tony Benn, Richard Key’s father and Che Guevara’s daughter had spoken at the rally. So how well is BBC TV doing their job if they leave the population in ignorance of mass politics in their own capital? But don’t worry: you’ll know the footie scores and Eastenders will be on every half hour.

The continuing huge antiwar movement in Britain is a thorn in Blair’s side. We know he’s a murderer, we know he’s a war criminal, we know he’s killed thousands more Iraqi babies than Saddam did, even though the graves of Hussein’s victims may be discovered at convenient times for New Labour. We know that the pictures of Iraqis butchered by our “liberation” get censored from our TVs. We will never see the babies killed every day by us in Fallujah. Those slaughtered children are “insurgents” or “militants” which means we have the right to slice up their young bodies with cluster bombs.

We must only see the Iraqis Hussein murdered – when we murder Iraqis it’s for their own good, just a little hiccup on their grand road to democracy (i.e., their rule by our new installed puppet government). After all, the West cares for and loves the Iraqi people: look how well our last installed dictator, Mr. Hussein, took care of them. We, the West, will civilise these damned ignorant savages even if we have to bomb their entire country flat in the process. God bless America! God bless Blair and Bush! We are so lucky to have such strong leaders in the fight against terrorism…

Meanwhile, back in the real world, we are being lied to every day by our mass media. Events which are inconvenient, like the torture of Iraqis, only appear in our media when people like Seymour Hersh irretrievably expose them. The US government knew about the torture for four months before the story got out and what did they do? They just sat on it, such is their love for truth and human rights. Oh, but I forgot – only Americans have human rights in the eyes of the US government. Iraqis, Nicaraguans, Afghans, British Muslims, they aren’t really human, are they? If you think that’s yet more loony lefty hyperbole, then you’re obviously ignorant of this US policy.

I will never vote for the Labour Party again as long as Butcher Blair and his cronies control it. I don’t just want Blair’s resignation, I want to see him tried for his war crimes, for taking Britain into the pre-emptive attack on a non-agressor nation. An illegal act, a war crime:

Such aggression violates U.S. treaties, including the UN Charter (1945) and the Kellogg-Briand Pact, renouncing war as an instrument of national policy (1928), which Nazi war criminals were charged with breaching. Richard Perle, as a Bush defense adviser, admitted the invasion of Iraq was illegal but favored it anyway (Guardian, UK, 11-20-03).
(Source: Lew Rockwell)

A lot of the people I marched alongside yesterday used to be, like me, Labour Party activists. We were the backbone of the Labour Party, the kids who’d go out canvassing and leafletting. Now, we march against New Labour. In fact, more people have marched against Tony Blair than ever marched against Margaret Thatcher. Blair is a winner there, at least: he’s the most unpopular Prime Minister in British politcal history to date.

I will march again. I will campaign against Butcher Blair in any and every way I can.

And, whatever the media may or may not report, I know that I won’t be alone.